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Historic Beaverbrook House Website.

Pull up a chair, sit back, relax and let us take you on a journey through our glorious past.

During your visit we are certain you will be intrigued with the history surrounding the boyhood home of William Maxwell Aitken.
(later known as, Lord Beaverbrook).

You will discover fascinating history of the house since its inception as well as history of Lord Beaverbrook, specifically during his youth, adulthood, life as a politician and role as a benefactor.

Louise Manny played an important role in the history of the house as a librarian, liaison to Lord Beaverbrook and founder of the popular Miramichi Folksong Festival.

There is an activities section which includes some games for kids and useful links to other related websites.

View of the original parlor decor

View of the original parlor decor

Exterior view of Historic Beaverbrook House

Historic Beaverbrook House exterior